Physicality is irrenounceable. Although it has been highly fetishized and enmeshed with different rituals and perceptions throughout history, its relevance nevertheless abides. We all relate to an embodiment. Yet it carries great stories of inherent natural knowledge that, these days, we tend to forget or rehabilitate.

As a materialist, I like my works to be tangibly sensed. I think and talk through the things. I listen to their stories and fantasize about them. 

I look for given phenomena to design. It is, for me, always a sacred act. That’s why a human body - my own body - becomes a natural starting point.



2012-2014   MA Contextual Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2009-2010  University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, Austria, Erasmus exchange programme  

2006-2010   BA Design, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Lithuania



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